Obstetrical care for each woman is during the pregnancy, during childbirth, and the through the postpartum period.

At Premier Healthcare for Women, we apply our efforts as a team to help our patients navigate through this special time. We provide continuous and complete obstetrical care, from the pregnancy confirmation through to the birth of your baby, and through the healing of the postpartum period. The full range of obstetrical services include the ultrasounds (sonogram), genetic testing, and fetal monitoring, for low to high-risk pregnancies. We work in helping guide you through the entire process with our compassionate and dedicated team.

Our primary goal is to have as healthy as possible pregnancy for both mother and baby, while we are treating you with our best dedication, which will enable you to have an experience you desire. We will provide you with the utmost in expert, individualized, and personalized care throughout this natural life process. Should you have a need for any type of medical intervention, we will keep you informed, attend to any of your concerns, and answer any of your questions. Eventually, it is your decision, and we do support you in any of your choices for prenatal testing or treatment, as well, for labor and delivery. The choice will be yours as to whether to decide on natural childbirth or an epidural.


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