We are providing a full spectrum of gynecologic services for women of all ages.

The main core of gynecology in our practice is in preventive or maintenance care. A majority of our patients will see us for their annual “well woman” exam, which consists of a comprehensive physical of overall health, a pap smear, manual breast exam, routine blood tests, and any further recommendations for optimal health maintenance.

Some patients will associate this annual exam as just having a Pap smear performed, but as noted before, this exam is much more extensive than listed above. As the guidelines for Pap smear testing have recently been updated, in some cases, it may not be necessary to have a Pap smear every year. Your physician will advise you of the changes which may affect your testing requirements. It is advised to have regular visits for all women’s preventive health care. A yearly “Well Women” exam may be covered yearly by most insurance plans and may not require a co-payment. (Please check with your insurance carrier for this information.)

Enhancing preventive care, we will evaluate and treat patients for a wide variety of gynecologic problems, which can include abnormal pap smears, polyps, fibroids, infections, irregular bleeding, and cysts. Minor procedures, such as treatment for abnormal pap smears, biopsies, and IUD insertions, are done in the office. We will perform surgeries to help patients when the need arises.


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